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*IMS Media Server² – Video Streaming & Hosting Services:

Choose the appropriate streaming & webcast service according to your estimation on the number of viewers, traffic volume, storage requirements and the desired additional functions. If you can not find a suitable webcast package, we will gladly make you an individual offer.

All services can be terminated at the end of the respective minimum term (1 or 12 months) or are automatically extended by the original term. For event-related bookings (1 month), we gladly note your cancellation upon order.

After completion of the booking period, the streaming service including all settings and projects will be available to you as a free of charge demo account – until the (possibly) next booking. So you never lose important data and project settings and you can always test and demonstrate webcast services.

All details are per month (30 days), prices excl. VAT. Traffic- and storage volumes are limited to the specified quantities.

²UNILITED Service: The number of simultaneous viewers as well as storage and traffic consumption are not limited. A possible overrun is however not guaranteed without additional written agreement. Traffic and storage overhead is billed at € 0.45 / GB, in packages of 100GB each
We support encoder solutions from Wirecast, OSB, XSplit, TriCast, Osprey, and many more.


*IMS Webcast Manager²:

Use our cloud service to create individual access and / or player pages with just a few mouse clicks. Publish your webcast project via the secured IMS Server platform via link or use the code provided to embed it on your own website. Enhance your live or VOD webcast with messaging / feedback features, links, download options, e-mail contact and much more.
²To create webcast projects, we offer direct access to contents of the IMS Media Server. In addition, we also support the integration of videos or live streams from other platforms or your own server systems.


* Re-Stream:

Your live stream will be forwarded by our servers to up to three (further on request) social media or video platforms. On site, only one live stream has to be encoded and sent to the IMS Media Server. The additional streaming destinations will be set up by us according to your specifications.


*Live transcoding / Adaptive, Multibitrate Streaming:

Sever-sided, automated conversion of one (1x) live audio / video stream into three different streams. Each with optimized encoding parameters and keyframe rates. When delivering the video stream, the IMS player checks the Internet connection available to the viewer and delivers the stream at the best possible video size and quality.

This function will only be activated on request (please specify when ordering) and is available for events (for 30 days bookings) only. Transcoding for on-demand videos is also possible on request.


*IMS Video Portal / E-Learning Module:

Sort any number of videos in individual lists with labels and thumbnails. Create video lists per event days, topic complexes, speakers, etc. or publish whole video archives.

We are happy to create individual video portal solutions as well as interfaces to shop, ERP or learning management systems. Depending on the functionality required, an additional setup fee may apply and the monthly usage and licensing fees may vary. We will gladly make you an individual offer.

Streaming & Webcast Production Software

Create professional Live Video Streams and Video Recordings

Including Premium Support: Online / Email / Phone

System requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Intel Core i5 or equivalent, 8 GB RAM