IMS Webcast Platform

The ultimate Video, Live Streaming and Webcast CMS.

Webcast services for audio / video producers, media technicians and other professionals.

Live streaming directly to all social media and video channels.
Re-stream to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & Co.

Useful Webcast Modules to enhance Live Broadcasts,
On-Demand Videos and Video Protals.

Smart Player & Server Systems, Live Recording and Transcoding

Password protection, participant registration and invitation management

Chat, e-mail, messages, links,
custum code, donloads, pictures, texts, social media, …

Surveys, polls, tests, participation evaluation and documentation

Individual and interface programming,
premium support, …

Wir unterstützen Encoder Lösungen von Wirecast, OBS, XSplit, TriCast, Osprey, uvm.