IMS RealTime Videoconference

RealTime is our new tool for professional corporate communication and online events. The access is barrier-free – no app or other installations. Created in the individual corporate design, it can be published directly via a link or embedded in a website or in a special event project / platform.

Professional Virtual Communication And Events

  • Safe and data protection compliant
    Own servers and services within Germany / Europe according to GDPR.
  • Customizable design
    Adapt the logo, colors, shapes, etc. to your company design.
  • Event-oriented layout and usage
    Make information and functions available as an option.
  • Useful additional functions
    In addition to the usual video conference functions, RealTime also offers:
    • Whiteboard with tools and co-users option
    • Integrated survey / voting function
    • Easily share external videos, screen content or presentations
    • Central administration including remote control of presentations

Open RealTime With Invitation Link

  • All current browsers and mobile devices
    Supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge as well as iOS, Android devices
  • Easy access
    No app, installation, admin rights or cookies consent required

Embed RealTime In Websites Or Platforms

  • Call it up in an iFrame and use it in any website

Integrate RealTime Into The IMS Event & Video Platform

  • Enable new functions and scenarios for virtual events
  • Login, registration, participant administration and documentation
  • Live streams and video conferences as “breakout rooms” or workshops
  • Single sign-on – take over login data for further services
  • Moderated and administrable messages and chat
  • Integration of iframes or your own code
  • Countdown, links, download and contact options
  • Votes, polls and elections
  • Combination with any other (third party) web services possible
  • Low production costs for pure real-time projects


  • All services including personal, premium support

Further information and tips can be found in our FAQ.

Individual Design – Easy Use – Full Functionality

RealTime supports all common web meeting functions. Integrated into a website or event platform, it can also be linked to many other applications. We attached great importance to the simple and intuitive usage for the participants as well as for the presenters and moderators.

Extended Range Of Functions

  • Easy upload of documents and presentations
  • Free assignment of the presentation control
  • Whiteboard with participant interaction
  • Public and private chat
  • Notes and quick polls
  • Breakout Rooms

Proven System With Admin Rights For Design And Quality Settings

IMS RealTime video conferencing was developed based on BigBlueButton (BBB), an open source web conferencing system. It uses a robust and globally widespread WebRTC solution, the basic functionality which is known to most users.

We also offer a specially developed user interface that enables colors, shapes and functionalities to be adapted to the respective individual requirements. The form of access and the scope of the interaction can be determined in advance, so that meetings can be optimally prepared for presenters, moderators and all participants.

Turn your web meeting into a professional online event!

Global Settings And Individual Room Settings

  • Company logo and colors
    for backgrounds, texts, functions, avatar, and much more
  • Button style and shape
  • Standard welcome slides
  • Texts for welcome and login
  • End meeting link / forwarding
  • Bandwidths (kbits/s) for video transmission and screen sharing
  • Max. number of participants
  • Hide options for chat, notes, display of the participant list
  • and much more

Security & Data Protection

IMS RealTime is hosted and operated in accordance with the current EU GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation). As a customer, you will receive an AV contract (order processing contract) and can use this as evidence for your clients.

The data transmission is encrypted (SRTP). Metadata and content are transmitted “tap-proof” thanks to HTTPS (end-to-end encryption).

Our system supports the security mechanisms built into the web browser, which are intended to prevent a user from being “eavesdropped” or from being able to access his camera, microphone and possibly the desktop without his consent. Once consent has been given, it is saved individually for each participant and can be revoked at any time.

On the server side, no recordings are made possible or stored. According to the Berlin data protection officer, the BBB system is recommended as a data protection compliant system.