IMS RealTime Video Conference

RealTime is the professional solution for virtual corporate and video communication. Barrier-free accessible with three publishing options.

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Open RealTime With Invitation Link

  • All current browsers and mobile devices
    Supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge as well as iOS, Android devices
  • Easy access
    No app, installation, admin rights or cookies consent required
  • Video conferences or 1:1 video calls
    Individually configured and integrated as desired

Embed RealTime In Websites Or Platforms

  • Call it up in an iFrame and use it in any website

Integrate RealTime Into The IMS Event & Video Platform

and thus use a variety of other functions:
  • Create multifunctional, interactive virtual events
  • Login, registration, participant administration and documentation
  • Apply single sign-on / login data to other functions
  • Live stream and video conferences as “breakout rooms” without media disruption
  • Moderated and administrable messages and chats
  • Integration of iFrames or own code
  • Countdown, links, download and contact options
  • Votes, polls and elections
  • Combination with any other (third) web services possible


All services including personal, premium support

Further information and tips can be found in our FAQ.

Modern Corporate Communication

Design meetings and online events in the corporate design and define uniform texts, welcome slides and much more.

Options For Individual, Virtual Communication

  • Logo, colors, texts, button styles, and forms
  • Event-oriented layout, and usage:
    • Central control of the layout (video size, arrangement, etc.) for all participants
    • One participant (e. g. a moderator) can send several video signals (e. g. own webcam, audience / podium, product, etc.) at the same time
    • Automatic forwarding after the meeting

Reliable Solution For All Scenarios

With just a few settings, you can optimally prepare the process, range of functions and the desired degree of participant interaction.

Global Settings And Individual Room Settings

  • Secure and data protection compliant
    Own server and services within Germany / Europe according to GDPR.
  • Rights management
  • Quality and functionality
  • Bandwidths (kbits/s) for video transmission and screen sharing
  • Max. number of participants
  • Options for chat, notes, participant list
  • Send invitations
  • Create direct access for presenters

RealTime 2 Livestream

Automatically publish a RealTime video conference as a professional live stream. Including the presentations, videos or screen content.

The Easiest Way To Produce Professional, Virtual Events

  • Invite active participants (speakers and moderators) to the video conference
  • Start the video conference including the automated live streaming function
  • Integrate the live stream into a website or open it via a link
  • Integrated into an IMS webcast project and extend functions with any platform:
    • Registration, participant administration and invitation management
    • Individual design, layout and range of functions
    • Registration, participant administration and invitation management
    • Include polls, votes, elections
    • Messages / chat functions, including moderation
    • Can be combined with third-party web services
  • Barrier-free access, without an app or other installations
  • Simple, decentralized setup – all contributors are exclusively online
  • Server-side video processing and encoding

System, Security & Privacy

IMS RealTime is operated on servers in Germany / Europe in accordance with the current EU-DSGVO (EU General Data Protection Regulation).

As a customer, you receive an AV contract (order processing contract) and can use this as proof for your clients.

Data transmission is encrypted (SRTP). Metadata and content are transmitted “tap-proof” thanks to HTTPS (end-to-end encryption).

Our system supports the security mechanisms built into web browsers, which are intended to prevent a user from being “tapped” or from accessing his camera, microphone and, if applicable, the desktop without his consent. A consent given once is in turn stored individually for each participant and can be revoked at any time.

In principle, no recordings are made possible or stored on the server side. According to the Berlin data protection officer, the BBB system is recommended as data protection compliant.