Our Company Is Climate Neutral – Your Event Could Be Too

We are clearly committed to climate and environmental protection and would like to support our customers in minimizing the CO2 emissions of their events.

In order to achieve climate neutrality for our event & video platform, we have taken the following measures:

  • Energy, Mobility and Resources
    • Our employees work mainly in their home office. This not only saves travel distances, but also enables a significant reduction in our office space
    • In our offices and almost all home offices, we use electricity and heat from renewable energy sources
    • We work and advise exclusively online to avoid emissions from travel
    • Our system partners are evaluated and selected according to their environmental and climate strategy

Unavoidable CO2 emissions are recorded, checked and offset by certified climate protection projects.


Climate neutral since 2019 – confirmed by Climate Partner.

What Everyone Can Do

We recommend calculating your personal carbon footprint. It is worth finding out more about the impact of your own lifestyle on the climate crisis.

Klima und CO2-rechner, berechnen Sie Ihre Emissionen für eine Veranstaltung oder Event

Do The Simple Things First

  • Use green electricity, avoid unnecessary travel, especially flights, and rethink everyday habits
  • Support virtual events!
    Reduce the CO2 emissions that arise when traveling to and staying at face-to-face events and at the same time increase the reach of each event with an (additional) online offer.

CO2 Emissions Calculator

With few entries, you can estimate the CO2 emissions of your event and quantify the possible savings potential through additional hybrid or purely virtual event offers.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

To create a detailed CO2 footprint, we recommend working with Climate Partner, who have also accompanied us on the way to climate neutrality.

Here you will find tips on how to avoid and reduce your CO2 emissions, among other things. You can compensate for currently unavoidable emissions by supporting climate protection projects and labeling your events accordingly.

There Is No Planet B!

With climate-optimized and virtual event concepts, you not only improve the CO2 balance of your company, but usually also reduce costs and at the same time increase the attractiveness and reach of your events.

Präsenzveranstaltung -> Online Event

Verschieben Sie den Regler, um einen Vergleich Ihrer CO2-Emissionen zu erhalten.

t. CO2

Das entspricht ...

... einer Strecke von km mit dem PKW
... Waschgängen einer Waschmaschine
... der jährlichen CO2-Bindung von Buchen
... der Produktion von Paar Laufschuhen
... der Herstellung von kg Rindfleisch
... dem Schmelzen von qm Eisfläche der Arktis
... Economy-Flügen von München nach Berlin
... dem jährlichen CO2-Fußabdruck von Bundesbürgern

Green Events – COSavings Through Online Share

While the financial outlay for an (additional) online offer is usually low, the possible CO2 savings are enormous.

For comparison: In order to achieve the climate goals, the average annual CO2 emissions per capita should be < 1.0 t (currently approx. 9.0 t). Evaluate here the possible CO2 emission savings compared to other scenarios.

Distribution of The Relevant COEmission Items

The mobility factor is usually the biggest CO2 driver at face-to-face events. Additional online offers lead u. therefore to high CO2 savings – especially for national events.