IMS Modules for Live Streaming and Videoconferences with Simultaneous Interpretation

Offer your online participants any choice of audio/ language versions – simultaneously and in near real time.

As an alternative to on-site interpreters, online interpreting services can also be integrated.

Livestreaming with Simultaneous Translations/ Language Versions

There are basically two ways to provide additional audio or language versions for live video streaming with IMS:

  • Additional Language Versions are Published as Audio/ Videostream
    For this purpose, the audio signal of the synchronous translation is produced “on-location”. The audio is then encoded together with the video signal and published via the IMS Streaming Server network as a separate live channel.
    Alternatively, with the IMS service “A/V Sync.” only the audio signal is encoded and synchronized with the video signal on the server side.
    The selection of the different A/V language versions is done via the player controls.
  • Additional Language Versions will be Released as “Audio Only” Cloud Service
    With a special IMS module, the service of LiveVoive – our partner for simultaneous translation – can be integrated on an event page. LiveVoice enables remote translation. This means that the translator can produce the corresponding language version from any location and make it available in the cloud at the same time.
    On the event page, the module is integrated with the languages offered. When a language version is selected, the original sound is automatically muted in the video player and the corresponding audio version is streamed live. If required, the original sound can also be switched on (quietly).
    On-location, only an A/V signal is produced. The entire translation service is thus completely outsourced and no additional effort is required on site.

Live translations for events and conferences

Try here the IMS module for simultaneous translations.
Applicable for events, meetings, polls, seminars, and conferences.


LiveVoice enables flexible and cost-effective simultaneous translation of online, on-site and hybrid events into any number of languages.

Remote interpreting services – from anywhere in the world, with in-house or bookable interpreters.

Easy integration into the IMS platform via a special iFrame module.

The same functionality is also offered with our video conferencing solution RealTime.
Technically, the LiveVoice module controls (muted) the audio signal of the online meeting
and replaces it with the selected language version.

Live Streaming Interpretations

Videoconference Interpretations

Full Freedom about your Event

Now integrate LiveVoice with the IMS platform, with which you can
build events the way you want.
And after the event, you’ll have comprehensive analytics at your fingertips.
More info here.

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