Livestreaming Events

We turn your face-to-face event into a live stream that is available worldwide. Integrated into the IMS Event & Video platform an interactive, virtual event is being developed.

Our offer ranges from online to full service support. We have been developing webcast solutions since 1999 and together with our customers and partners, we have produced thousands of webcasts for companies, organizations and educational institutions worldwide.

Advantages Of A Livestream / Online Event

There are many good reasons to expand a face-to-face event with an additional online offer to significantly increase the possibility of participation.

Increase range and more…

  • Not every participant is willing to take on the time and financial effort to attend an on-site event.
    PCs or mobile devices, on the other hand, are ubiquitous and the effort involved in following a webcast on the Internet is significantly lower
  • Availability Worldwide 
    Live broadcast can be accessed from anywhere. With our live transcoding function, we can still deliver videos even with weak internet connections
  • Live Recording
    You can record live streams and use them as an on-demand version
  • Protect Content
    You can create a secure access so that only selected participants have access to your content or sensitive data
  • Make All Content Accessible
    As a visitor, it is often not possible to attend all sessions or lectures at the same time. By publishing live recordings, you can also make important information accessible afterwards

IMS is climate neutral – minimizing CO2 emissions together!

Live Webcast Production

Our webcast teams support A/V producers, media technicians and event organizers with live streaming of conferences, general meetings, lectures, web seminars and much more.

  • Audio / Video Production
    Recording and processing of available A / V signals
  • Mixing Signals – Image Direction
    We bring the information relevant to you to the fore and combine video, presentation, and much more. to a video stream
  • Interactive and Inspiring
    Pick up your viewer and enable queries, chat, votes, surveys, and much more
  • Internet / Intranet
    We produce a stream for publication on the Internet, in your own intranet or any other social media or video network
  • Evaluation
    You will receive extensive evaluations of the number, duration and activities of your viewers

Our TOP Service For Your Live Webcast

  • Simple Video Stream or Complex Interactive Webcast
    The expectations of modern webcast projects are often high. With us, you can also successfully implement more complicated requirements
  • Top customer Support
    Tips on website integration, security, network and internet restrictions are often sufficient. We are happy to give them personally, easily and with no additional costs
  • Online Webcast Services
    Under certain technical conditions, we can also do webcast productions remotely, e. g. carry out and accompany without having to be there yourself
  • Full Service Webcast Production
    Our experienced webcast consultants produce for you throughout Europe

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Setup With IMS Webcast Modules

We adapt the entire webcast project to your wishes or your corporate design in advance.

With our webcast platform, we also have many webcast modules available, such as:

  • Password / Login / Registration
    Use various access options to protect your content or generate leads
  • Message Box and Chat
    Allow viewers to interact with you or other participants
  • Additional Information
    Add links or download options to make additional information or presentations accessible
  • Polls / Tests
    Ask for the opinion of your participants or carry out extensive tests including scoring and evaluation
  • Live Control
    Within the webcast project, we can control whether your viewers see an announcement of the event, the live stream or the subsequent recording
  • Invitation Management
    Manage your online event with our tool for invitations and evaluation of participants
  • Re-stream to Facebook, Twitter & Co .
    We can distribute the live stream to any platform
  • Link or Copy & Paste Code
    There are several ways you can publish the webcast yourself

Online Webcast Services

Use your existing infrastructure in the form of multimedia rooms, video conference systems or audio / video equipment.

  • Process Signals Efficiently
    We bring your A / V and media signals to our server and produce your webcast remotely and with automated processes
  • Remote Control
    Online – without being at your site
  • Inexpensive
    Regular events such as online training courses, press conferences or town hall meetings can be implemented cheaply in this way
  • Processing of All Signals
    Such as Streams from video conference systems, white or smart boards, projectors, and much more.
  • Control of The Event
    Starting with the invitation management to the control of the publication before, during and after the live event
  • Interactive Functions
    Display of polls, votes or other elements
  • Publication of Records
    The live stream recorded on the server can be edited and published immediately after the event

“… the IMS solutions allow us to relocate events, including the presenter, his presentation
and many other functionalities to the Internet.”

Sebastian Bossler
Unilever, Systems Technologist