IMS Video Server

Worldwide streaming server & webhosting network: with control center for evaluations, up- and downstream information as well as player and playout configuration.

Design and administer your own video portal.

  • High Performance Streaming
    HD & adaptive streaming, including Live & VoD transcoding services
  • All devices
    HLS streaming for PC and mobile devices, optional Low Latency Flash Streaming for lowest latencies
  • Ad-free and platform independent
    With the provided link, OR or copy and paste code, you can integrate the player on any website
  • Player
    Modern HTML5 player for all devices, ad-free with copy & paste code or link
  • Statistics
    Extensive statistics on user behavior, call numbers, traffic and much more

Your own Video / Streaming Server

We also install and maintain video servers within your own IT infrastructure or as an extension of existing cloud solutions.

“… our worldwide customers do not want to miss the IMS webcasts any more.”

ORACLE, Transactional Team
(IMS unterstützt ORACLE Webcast Projekte in 12 Sprachen und über 40 Ländern)