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11.July 2017

Dr. Angela at the Bavarian Economic Talk


IPBES vbw - Association of the Bavarian Economy e. V. welcomed the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel on the 39th Bavarian Economic Talk.

IMS - Webcast Productions produced in cooperation with mbw | Medienberatung der Wirtschaft GmbH produce the entire event as a Livestream and publish it worldwide on the Internet.

06 March 2017

UNO Webcast, Live from the old Bundestag


IPBES Stakeholder DayUnder strict security precautions, we were able to produce the IPBES (United Nations) conference as a live webcast from the former plenary hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn.

More than 100 international government representatives discussed the opportunities and risks of climate change and biodiversity.

The worldwide available live stream was viewed by participants from 36 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific.

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10 January 2017

IMS Streaming Services with DAS - Dynamic Adaptive Streaming


Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Provide any quality, format or content from ONE single video URL.

In order to meet the various requirements regarding the size and quality of the video stream, a single video URL can now be allocated and delivered in various dependencies.  It is often important, especially for worldwide webcasts, to offer not only full HD delivery, but also to offer a correspondingly optimized video signal for countries and locations with smaller bandwidths. If desired, the published stream can even be reduced to a purely audio delivery, with a still image or a slideshow to replacing the video.

The viewer's available bandwidth is determined by a check routine programmed into the IMS Player. Depending on the bandwidth actually available, the appropriate URL can then be assigned for the delivery of a certain video quality, a pure audio presentation or some other information.

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24 May 2016

Using Video Conferencing Technology to stream to the Internet/Intranet


VBM WebcastIMS provides VCW (Video Conference Webcast) services for publishing video conferencing signals on the Internet and Intranet.

Many companies already have a professionally equipped media or conference room, including audio/video equipment, presentation technology and a video conferencing system.

However, the distribution of the video or the video+powerpoint presentation is usually limited to a small number of connected subscribers, who can only view the feed through equipment which is technically compatible with the video conferencing system.

Using the IMS solution, a video conferencing signal can be made available to an unlimited number of users - worldwide, in top HD quality and, above all, without requiring special software or hardware equipment. The stream can be accessed directly, or with password protection, from any PC or mobile device connected to the Internet.

Turn your video conference a webinar, or take advantage of many interactive webcast features by adding live chat, surveys, links, or download options to the video stream.

Technically, the video signal can be sent to our server system or fetched from it and made available on the Internet. The video can also be linked to any dynamic or interactive web elements in a microsite created with the IMS-Webcast Manager.

In addition to video streaming servers and webcast software solutions, IMS also offers full support, right up to the Full Services Management of your video conferencing webcast projects.

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11 April 2016

IP/RTSP Signals Published as HLS/Flash Stream


Bauma 2016A new functionality of IMS-Streaming & Webcast Services allows RTSP signals, e.g. from monitoring and IP cameras, to be processed during the Push or Pull procedure, and to make them available as an HLS or Flash stream.

Publishing a video signal from a monitoring or IP camera via our streaming servers offers the following advantages:

  • Publishing as an IMS Webcast Manager project allows the simultaneous representation of several signals and the unrestricted integration (via link or copy&paste code) of these in any web pages.
  • Unlimited access: By default, an IP video signal is called directly from the camera and thus at the expense of the Internet connection at the camera location. Each call burdens this connection and thereby inhibits all other applications which are also dependent on that connection. Calls to our streaming server network, on the other hand, are possible worldwide and unlimited.
  • Interactivity and many other functions such as login, registration, chat, messaging, surveys, polls, download options or links.
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21 January 2015

IMS released IP Netwok Streaming Encoder & Decoder Software


IP Network Streaming Equipped with new encoder units, the IMS "IMS-EasyStream Producer" and "IMS-Webcaster" solutions can now also produce IP or network streams.

With the "EasyStream Producer", a small but powerful Encoder application can be installed on a Windows computer. The producer enables the capture of all audio and video signals available on the computer, as well as screen content or presentations, and to make them available as an IP stream within a network.

Any number of such signals can then be displayed Within the "MultiSource Webcaster" software and be combined with other media sources to form ONE webcast, while taking advantage of the familiar design and layer functionality. This stream can be distributed as a live stream on the Internet or as an IP stream within a network.

With the "IP Netzwerk Player" IMS also offers an easy network player, which can play the streams generated with "EasyStream Producer" or "Webcaster".

IP streaming opens up many new possibilities, such as:

  • Videos or presentations that are available on the notebook of a speaker can be made available, spatially completely independent without the installation of (VGA) cables.
  • Conversely, signals or entire webcasts can be distributed to defined rooms or even other remote locations within a network.
  • Latency lies in the millisecond range and thus allows direct communication and interaction between all webcast participants.
  • An IP stream does not leave the secure network environment and is therefore the optimal format for companies with sensitive information to protect, and the best way to restrict the distribution of relevant content to a limited target group.
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06 October 2014

IMS Webcast Manager | A new Cloud Service


Webcast Manager IMS offers a new cloud service, which supports you in the professional preparation and execution of a live webcast, way beyond just the pure distribution of AV signals.

Easy publishing:

  • Create your own and individually designed landing page for your webcast project Within the secured IMS network.
  • Access to your own website or webserver is not necessary, however the webcast can also be linked to any web page via link or copy&paste code.
  • Efficient project management, an already created projects can serve as a template for your next event.

Controlled Access and Interactivity:

  • Password protection, login or user registration
  • Invitation management, including sending Emails
  • Adding chat and messaging functions

Directoral Control of Event Broadcast:

  • Welcome and Webcast pages
  • Deliver preplay, postplay and advertising content
  • Subsequent publication of recording under the same link ... and much more

The IMS Webcast Manager is part of our Video Hosting & Streaming Services.

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