InterActive PRO


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Live & VOD Streaming / Webcast Platform
(according to the services described on the website / prices)

  • Services
    Max.possible participants: 500*
    Traffic including: flat rate – no additional charges
    Storage incl .: 250 GB
    Live channels: 1
    Live transcoding / multibitrate streaming: incl.
  • Use: 1 * event day, max. 24 hours
    Test streams up to 10 participants do not count as an event.
  • Duration:
    – 30 days: Booking ends automatically after 30 days
    – 30 days / Annual agreement: The term and billing period is one month and begins on the first of the current month. It is automatically extended for another month at a time. The service can be canceled with a notice period of 14 days at the end of each month, but at the earliest after 12 months

*Additional services – bookable during the term:
(As soon as an account has been set up for you, you can book additional services by phone or email)

  • Additional event day:
    + Platform and functions / per project: 250 €
    + Live streaming services: € 250
    + Web RTC / Webmeeting Services: 250 €
  • Additional services:
    + more live channels: 250 € / channel / event day
    + additional participants: 450 € / 1,000 participants / event day
    + Re-stream to social media and video platforms: € 250
    + Own webcast domain: 250 €

All services including personal support.

After the booking has expired, the service, including all project data, remains available as a free test account (up to a maximum of 10 participants). You can create, present and test as many new projects as you want. A new (chargeable) booking is only necessary when the next project is implemented.

Cloud services in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and AV-contract for order processing according to Art. 28 GDPR.