IMS Webcast CMS

The webcast platform for professionals!

The CMS (Content Management System) was developed especially for the creation, editing, control and publication of video and webcast functionalities. It consists of three cloud services:

IMS Media Server
Our high-performance server network for live video streaming, video on-demand hosting and the delivery of web content and applications. Including the latest player and server technology:

  • VOD streaming CDN
  • Live Streaming CDN
  • Web files CDN

IMS Webcast Manager
Create one or more customized player- or web pages for your video stream or more complex webcast projects with just a few mouse clicks.

Use our special webcast functionalities to realize your technical requirements, such as:

  • password protection, registration, invitation management,
  • Message Box, Chat, Surveys,
  • participant management and tracking, learning target control,
  • Any number of video sources, texts, images, web applications, links,
    and much more. …

Live streams or on-demand videos can either be retrieved directly from the IMS Media Server or embedded as URLs from other streaming servers, video platforms or your own server systems.

IMS Video Portal
Organize and manage larger video collections with our dedicated library and video archive capabilities.

Our IMS Webcast CMS is developed and hosted in Germany and operated according to the current european General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679).
All modules are available in German and English. We support all services with free premium support.

We support encoder solutions from Wirecast, OSB, XSplit, TriCast, Osprey, and many more.

Additional functions: Use countless video- and streaming options.

Transcoding – Adaptive Streaming: Optimized video delivery depending on the internet connection. Learn more

Re-Stream: Server-side forwarding of a live stream to any other video server or social media platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Co. Learn more

Server-side recording: automatically record live streams and make them available immediately.

Selective delivery: availability of content depending on individual criteria and / or regions.

Live Mode: Timed play of on-demand videos to create a running “live program”.

Live Streaming with Video Conference Systems: Take advantage of existing technical requirements and extend your reach with in-house webcast production. Learn more

RTSP over HLS: make video signals from IP / Surveillance Cameras via our streaming server network world-wide and unrestricted. Learn more

IMS Media Server

Worldwide streaming server & webhosting network: with control center for evaluations, up- and downstream information as well as player and playout configuration.

High Performance Streaming: highest availability with Geo Redundancy, Best Path Routing and 99.99% SLA.

All devices: HLS streaming for PC and mobile devices, optional low latency flash streaming for lowest latencies.

Ad-free and platform independent: With the provided link or copy and paste code, you can integrate the player on any website.

Player: HTML5 player for all devices, ad-free with copy & paste code or link², watermarks and thumbnails possible.

Evaluation: Comprehensive statistics about your user behavior, call numbers, traffic and much more.

IMS Webcast Manager

Create as many (web) pages as you want in a webcast project and publish them via a link or code.

The individual designed pages can contain almost any content, such as: user registration, interactive modules, chat, surveys, links, images, texts, and much more. and any number of player windows included.
Setup: Design and publish, without programming knowledge, one or more landing pages for your webcast project.

Layout: Use the CMS functionalities to make your webcast completely individual.

Unlimited Video Sources – Platform Independent: Your live or on-demand video content is retrieved directly from your IMS Media Server. Alternatively, you can use any other video sources from video platforms, streaming servers or your own system.

Publishing: You automatically generate a copy & paste code to embed your webcast project on your website. If you can not or do not want to publish your webcast on your own website, we also provide a link to publish your project as a custom, ad-free “stand alone” website,

Live Sync: Sync the contents of your windows (such as surveys or tests) to the progress of your video, ensuring that your ads are displayed in sync with the video history, regardless of video buffering time.

Control: You can create any number of video sources within your project and then activate the respective desired video source for the current delivery. This allows e.g. the change from a preplay announcement, to the actual live streams and then back to a postplay farewell.

Webcast Options: Enhance your webcast projects with meaningful and sometimes complex, interactive modules.

  • Access protection: password protection, registration / lead generation.
  • Poll / Vote / Tests: Questions can be automated, scrolling, or manually, sysnched with the LiveStream. Results are assigned to each registered participant and could be used for performance evaluation and / or as proof of attendance.
    Learn more
  • News / Feedback: Gather information and tips from your participants and respond to important questions during a webcast.
  • Links / Download: Provide access to additional information, downloads, and more.
  • Agenda: Structure longer presentations and lectures through a table of contents and jump labels.
  • iFrame and Own Code: The possibilities to make additional content or functionalities available is almost unlimited …

IMS Media Portal

The Video Archive – Management, organization and publication of your videos and webcast productions.

Same functionality as found in Webcast Manager: Such as access and login options, interactivity, individualized design and much more.

Your very own “Business YouTube”: Sort and categorize your media collection as desired, to offer a clear, accessible and user-friendly library of videos and webcasts.

Click and refresh: Publish your content, at the touch of a button, to previously defined channels and categories.