IMS Webcast CMS

Your platform for a successful streaming video project!

Our Content Management System (CMS) is specifically designed to create, edit, control and publish live and on-demand videos.

Create a video project with a “full screen” player or publish complex webcasts or webinars and with many additional features.

Introduction: Create and publish a webcast project in just a few steps.

Demo Webcast

Professionally prepare and publish livestreams or video recordings.

  • Player, embedded in an individually designed webcast project
  • Message Box
  • Survey / Poll
  • Links

IMS Webcast Modules

Protect your live stream or enhance your webcast with interactive elements and additional content. With our modules you can easily realize complex and technically demanding webcast requirements.

Smart Server Systems

State-of-the-art streaming servers enable live transcoding & recording as well as re-streaming to social media channels.

Video / Live Control

Load your video source(s) and switch between pre-roll, pre-play, live stream, post-play and recording as needed.

Video List

Use this Media Portal function to display a list of videos in one block. Individually arranged with thumbnails and description.

Video Chapter / Agenda

Structure your videos through a table of contents or an index of pictures and / or descriptions.

Youtube & Co.

Integrate videos from Youtube and other video sharing platforms as well as any streaming server system.

Password / Registration

Password protection or complex registration system including invitation management.


Enable interaction with your participants, through the news, chat and email module.

Social Media Integration

Extend your webcast project with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & Co. functionalities.

Design & Function

Design your webcast with colors, images, symbols, logos, and text as well as links, downloads, and more.


Include a web page or any other application.

Custom Code

Implement self-generated source code.

Participant Administration

Including rights management, participation tracking and evaluation as well as interfaces to shop systems, etc.

Surveys / Tests

Sync videos and live streams with a participant survey or tests. Including individual rating and automatic evaluation.

Individual Programming

We are happy to program individual solutions, functions and interfaces.

Premium Support

Competent assistance, training, online and on-site support.

IMS Video Portal

manage, organize and publish your video projects and webcast / webinar productions.

Design and administer your own video portal.

  • a platform for live streaming and video recordings.
  • available worldwide online on the Internet or intranet,
    directly from your website or with a link to our platform.
  • Use all IMS Webcast CMS modules:
    Including linking your videos with other information and data, communication and interaction, and much more.
  • Privacy and Access Security:
    Streaming instead of downloading protocols to protect your content, make your videos accessible only to your defined audience.
  • Any sorting and ordering criteria:
    Keep your video platform attractive, well structured and clear.
  • Refresh by pressing a button:
    Publish and update your videos at the push of a button in the previously displayed channels and categories.
  • Individual and interface programming:
    Development and implementation of special functionalities or connect your video portal with associated shop and payment systems, LMS (Learning Management Systems), databases, and much more.

We offer media and video portal solutions for industry and commerce, clubs, churches, research and teaching and many other industries and organizations.

Security / Privacy

The IMS Webcast CMS is developed, hosted and operated in Germany in accordance with the current EU-DSGVO (EU General Data Protection Regulation). As a customer, you receive an AV contract (order processing contract) and can use this as proof for your clients.

“… our worldwide customers do not want to miss the IMS webcasts any more.”

ORACLE, Transactional Team
(IMS unterstützt ORACLE Webcast Projekte in 12 Sprachen und über 40 Ländern)