Using the IMS Event App

1. Open the project website. If the module window is embedded in the project, a pop-up window for the app installation will automatically appear. Alternatively, click on the “Install App” button, or scan the QR code. The QR code is only displayed on the desktop. You can also activate push notifications directly here.

2. Alternatively, install the app manually.

Android: via the > browser menu at the top right of the screen and “Add to Home screen” or in German “App installieren”.

Then the installation window with the app description and screenshots will open. Tap on “Install”.

IOS: via the “Share” button at the bottom center of the screen and “Add to Home Screen” or in German “Zum Home-Bildschirm”.

3. Close the browser. The app is now installed on the home screen of your mobile device.

4. Open the app and enter your login data. In the app settings, you can activate or deactivate push notifications.